Savages — Fuckers / Dream Baby Dream

Savages have not slowed down since releasing Silence Yourself, one of my favorite records of 2013. This year saw the London-based post-punk band make two releases. The first was Words to the Blind, a collaboration with acid rock band Bo Ningen, an album I felt was solid but unspectacular. The less celebrated release was a single of two live tracks, “Fuckers” and a cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream.”  While neither track is much of a departure from Silence Yourself, both play up to the band’s strengths — Fay Milton’s nimble drumming, Ayse Hassan’s fluid bass lines, Gemma Thompson’s excellent use of guitar effects, and Jehnny Beth’s … Continue reading Savages — Fuckers / Dream Baby Dream

Terrible band t-shirts I made

The other day I was on the internet and I found this cool site called CustomInk that lets you design your own tee shirts. So I called em up and said, “look dudes, lemme showcase your product on my very popular blog. This partnership will have us rolling in the millions!” They seemed apprehensive at first, to endorse such a renowned website as Jokes About Cancer, but when I showed them my designs they didn’t think twice. We both agreed that my own personal brand and the demographics of my audience meant the best way to synergize was to make some super hip and trendy indie rock band t-shirt designs. Lemme know if you want to buy any, they’re all under $25! And as a super bonus, if you click on the picture it’ll take you to my favorite song of the band!

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Which Greg are these Gregs?

I know many a person named Greg. Thus, I feel like I can consider myself a Greg expert. For example, did you know that not all people named Greg are alike? In fact, Gregs can have wildly different personalities even though they all have the same name. I know, I was surprised too! I’m going to use my expertise on Gregs to figure out which Greg these Gregs I found on Google are most like:

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Too Much Wikipedia

I had a thought today. I thought, “you know, I probably go on Wikipedia daily.” It’s nice to have that information on reference. So I thought it’d be interesting to see if that’s true. Do I use Wikipedia daily? I looked back at my browser history of the past two weeks (I’m writing on 10/29, so from 10/16 to 10/29) And… oh god. Oh god too much Wikipedia. How… how can I even digest this much Wikipedia in one day? And that’s not even counting the Wikipedia I get on my smartphone, or Wikipedia photo viewing.

Over 14 days, I’ve looked at 664 articles. Even without the 10/24 outlier, I’ve accessed 191 Wikipedia articles over 13 days, over ten a day. And the weird thing isn’t that I was accessing Wikipedia that much, but that it wasn’t even registering I used Wikipedia at all. I didn’t even think I was using Wikipedia on a daily basis. Looking back, I generally remember why I accessed most of these articles (but not all). I’m sure someone with more interest in thinkpieces than I could write some really compelling things about the relationship between our brains and information in the internet age. I just want to marvel at all the things I searched for.

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Big Ten Football Coaches: Would They Make Good Stepdads?

A lot can be said about the Big Ten’s coaches. For example, there’s 14 of them. Some are better at understanding football than others. They all played college football. But there’s one question we aren’t asking: would they make good stepdads? Would they demonstrate they truly cared about us as much as they do about Mom and help ease the pains in our hearts? Would they be hopeless schmucks who can’t hold down a job and Mom obviously is only dating because she’s desperately afraid of being alone? Would that have a cool motorcycle?

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